The Celtic Dog Walker

Safety & Your Dog

                           Celtic Dog Walker


Dog Walks & Runs

With respect to your dog's safety, I take it very seriously.  I deliberately keep my pack small, no more than 4 to 5 dogs at any one time.  Walks are solo (I don't charge extra for private walks), paired or small pack.  Dog running is either solo or pairs, no more.  All too often, you see dog walkers with way too many dogs.  While it appears most amusing to some, there is no way that one person can control 8 to 10 dogs if some catastrophe occurs. 
Sure, the dog walker is cleaning up and making out like a bandit.  All of it at the potential expense of your pet pooch. 

Traveling in my vehicle

I use a seat belt when I travel, so do dogs that travel with me.  Each dog traveling with me has a dog safety harness that is secured by the seat belt. As a dog walker you see people jamming too many dogs in to their car or SUV.  This is both dangerous for driver and dog.  You can imagine what would happen if someone with 7 or 8 dogs unsecured in their vehicle got into a crash. Small and large objects become projectiles inside the car cabin during crashes.  Below is a typical dog harness that everyone should be using.

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